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2017 Aggregate Weight Winners
PlaceNameTotal Weight
1st Mike Colee 12.00  lbs
2ndBennie Nelson 11.90  lbs
3rd Charles Eberhart 11.11  lbs
4thDave Hicks 11.00  lbs
5thEd Rinnert 10.17  lbs
6thNedra Perry 10.16  lbs
7thTravis Lane 10.01  lbs
8thAndy Allen 9.58  lbs
9thMatt Jenkins 9.52  lbs
10thBrian Beach 6.85  lbs


2017 Big Red Fish Winners
PlaceNameTotal Weight
1stDanny Morin 6.77  lbs
2ndRay Lake 6.57  lbs
3rdDavid Brown 6.40  lbs


2017 Big Flounder Winners
PlaceNameTotal Weight
1stBrendan Strange 2.92  lbs
2ndJosue Marrero 2.72  lbs
3rdScott Gardner 2.11  lbs


2017 Big Trout Winners
PlaceNameTotal Weight
1stDonnie Haney 6.07  lbs
2ndKevin Parry 2.50  lbs
3rdDillon Drury 2.19  lbs